One of the surprises of my life has been the evolution of my spirituality. I simply never expected to struggle so dramatically with theological issues and doctrines that I once accepted almost without question. Re-examining my beliefs and values over the years has sometimes been painful. Nearly twenty years after seminary, I found myself at odds with the traditional religious beliefs with which I’d been raised. One does not let go of childhood understandings without some trauma! But the process has been gradual and gentle enough that I have always sensed the truth of the Spirit in the changes.

Being a ‘clergyman’ was not one of the options presented to me at school on career day! I didn’t have any lightning bolt conversion experience that led me to the ministry—just a gradual awareness that spirituality mattered in my life. I went to seminary and found out how much.

The spiritual teaching that for me transcends all religions is this: Love God/Creation; and love your neighbor as yourself. It means that spiritual and physical realities really are one. To care for one’s neighbor is to respect the Source of all being. And how we treat ourselves is also a reflection of the power of the Spirit’s love in our hearts. Because this teaching is a guiding principle in my life, I seek to balance spirituality and social justice. I express my deepest beliefs when I work for the total wellbeing of all people and our environment. Unconditional love is the expression of my spiritual life.

Laughter is one of my absolute favorite things! I think it’s what makes us truly divine. People think being spiritual means you have to walk around acting pious or serious all the time. Wrong! True spirituality involves living out of the amazing joy that is centered deep within each one of us. I love the humor in life and in other people. And I think I’m pretty funny, too!