Maggie Beretz

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies $875
All Other Services $500

Wedding Ceremonies
Sometimes, in the whirl of planning a wedding, the ceremony can get lost. But it’s really the most important part of the day! What a couple chooses to say about their love, their commitment and marriage are words from the heart. I help couples find the right words — the ones that most eloquently express their beliefs and values.

Same-Sex Weddings
Some of the most joyous and spiritual ceremonies I perform are for lesbian or gay couples who choose to declare their love through a ceremony before family and friends. I believe that two people in love are a blessing to society, and I wholeheartedly support same-sex unions.

Home Blessings
Moving into a new living space is often cause for great celebration! Many people like to mark the occasion with a ritual that speaks to their hopes for harmony and happiness. I understand home blessings as a unique opportunity to bring special balance to this time of joyful life passage.

Child Blessings
The birth or adoption of a child is a great gift to not only the parents but to the wider community. Publically recognizing the value and promise inherent in each child can be a profound experience. I am always delighted to invoke the power of love in the blessing of all children.

Memorial Services
I see death as a life passage that each person makes alone. And it is a moment that usually releases a range of emotions in those who must say goodbye to a family member or friend. I consider it a deep honor when people allow me to be with them at such a critical time. I try to help them deal with their grief, anger, guilt, relief or mixed feelings through a memorial service or special ceremony created with their loved one in mind.